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Connect router

Wi-Fi Orbit supports Mikrotik routers only at the moment. They are very reliable, configurable and not expensive (starting models at least).

Select router model ("Wireless for home and office" section)

For example, you could try RB951-2n model.

Anyway, make sure that you buy a router with Wi-Fi support, since some of Mikrotik products are for cable connections only.

Find your local Mikrotik distributor


1. Customers connect to Mikrotik Wi-Fi routers

Connect Mikrotik Wi-Fi routers to your LAN or ISP. Configure billing on every Mikrotik router, customers connect to them.

2. Customers connect to another Wi-Fi routers

Connect your Wi-Fi routers (LinkSys, D-LINK, TP-LINK, Ubiquity, etc.) to a Mikrotik wired or wireless router. Configure billing on Mikrotik router. Customers connect to your routers.

Connect router to network

Connect the router to your local network so it gets the Internet connection. For example, you can connect it as a client to your primary Internet router via a cable (use Mikrotik LAN port #1)

1. Connect any Windows laptop with Ethernet cable to Mikrotik LAN port #2, so you can administer it.

2. Set laptop LAN IP configuration to automatic (DHCP). You should be able to connect to the Internet via Mikrotik at this point.

3. Usually, the default Mikrotik IP address is Open it in your web browser to start configuration. Username = admin, password is empty.

4. We recommend that you download Mikrotik WinBox program which helps you administer the router. You can find the download link on your router control panel or download it here. Start WinBox and connect to the router.

You can make the next steps yourself or
Contact us for online setup

Set router identity

Open WinBox, System > Identity, specify

Login to see your locations identities

Configure Wi-Fi interface

1. Open WinBox > Interfaces. Double click on wlan1 > Wireless tab, set SSID (e.g. your organization name), click OK.

2. Open WinBox > Bridge > Ports tab, select your interface (wlan1), remove it (click (-) button).

Configure Ethernet interface

Use this step if you setup billing on Ethernet port, where you connect any other routers, e.g. Ethernet #3.

Open WinBox > Interfaces > Ethernet tab. Double click on the interface, e.g. ether3-slave-local, set Master Port = none, click OK.

Configure RADIUS server

Open WinBox > RADIUS, click (+) button to add a new RADIUS server, set:

Hotspot box = checked
Login box = checked
Address =
Secret = 123
Timeout = 5000

Click OK.

Configure hotspot

1. Open WinBox > IP > Hotspot > Servers tab, click Hotspot Setup button, set:

Hotspot Interface = your billing interface, e.g. "wlan1"
Local Address of Network =
Address Pool = (default)
Certificate = none
SMTP Server = (default)
DNS Servers =
DNS name =
Local user login/password = admin/(specify password)

You can specify any domain as the hotspot DNS name. We recommend using a non-existing sub-domain of your own domain, for example:

Click Next, hotspot is created.

2. Switch to Server Profiles tab, double click on your hotspot, set:

Login tab > HTTP CHAP, HTTP PAP = checked
Login tab > Cookie = unchecked
RADIUS tab > Use RADIUS = checked, Accounting = checked, Interim Update = 00:05:00

Click OK.

Configure clock

Open WinBox > System > SNTP Client, set:

Enabled box = checked
Mode = unicast
Primary NTP Server = (or
Secondary NTP Server = (or

Click OK.

Configure Mikrotik pages

1. Open WinBox > IP > Hotspot > Walled Garden tab, add new entry:

Dst. Host =

2. Overwrite Mikrotik default login, logout and status pages:

Download and unzip files

Open WinBox > Files, drag-n-drop unzipped login.html, logout.html, status.html files into hotspot folder in the list.

Configure PayPal

Use this if you are going to accept PayPal and credit cards payments.

1. Download script

2. Open WinBox > Files, drag-n-drop downloaded paypal.rsc script into the root folder.

3. Open WinBox > New Terminal, run command:

/import file=paypal.rsc

Test hotspot

At this point you should be able to connect to your router from any Wi-Fi device and get the login page automatically, or when you try opening any website.

Return to your Wi-Fi Orbit account to sell access cards to your customers.

Got any problem? Contact us!

Extra options

User timeout: log off a customer session automatically after some period of inactivity.

Open WinBox > IP > Hotspot > User profiles tab > double click on the default profile, set:

Idle timeout = 00:05:00 (5 minutes)

Configure URL log

Use this if you need to collect URL log for your customers (extra charges are applied).

1. Open WinBox > IP > Web Proxy > General tab, set:

Enabled = checked
Max. Cache Size = none

Click OK.

2. Open WinBox > IP > Hotspot > User Profiles tab, open the "default" profile, set:

Transparent Proxy = checked

Click OK.

3. Open WinBox > System > Logging > Actions tab, click "+" to add new action, set:

Name = sendToProxylizer
Type = remote
Remote address =

Click OK.

Switch to the Rules tab, click "+" to add a rule, set:

Topic = web-proxy, !debug (set "!" next to debug)
Action = sendToProxylizer

Click OK.

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